A brief review of the movie the way home

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The Way Home is the story of Randy's powerful spiritual journey back to love, faith and a Godly understanding of what must always take first priority in a man's life - his family/5(). Watch video · The way home is a true story about a major event in the Simpkin's family lives and is very well done if i do say so myself.

Dean Cain is spectacular and really makes you feel for his character. Lori Edgerman is really good with being a concerned mother but has her occasional over the top accent/10(). Movie reviews, news and features from critics and reporters of The New York Times.

Amid all the over-the-top humor is the idea that even though a mother and her child may not see eye-to-eye -- or even have much in common -- love trumps everything, bringing them together in the midst of unexpected danger and adventure.

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A brief review of the movie the way home
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