A look at the different uses of choruses in ancient greek drama

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The Tragedies and Comedies of Ancient Greek Theatre

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Oral Poetry and Ancient Greek Poetry: Broadening and Narrowing the Terms

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The Function of Chorus in Greek Drama

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Princeton/Stanford Working Papers in Classics

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Hallett's hyphen, "Sappho and her Social Context:. In the Greek original, Lysistrata does not make her proposal to a chorus of indistinct women, but addresses some well-definite characters (Kalonike, Myrrhine, and the Spartan Lampitò), since, according the rules of ancient Greek theatre, no more than four actors were allowed to act in the same scene.

The chorus in a Greek drama would perform in groups of three to 50, and they often underscore the play's themes. Choruses would heighten the emotions of the play, comment on the actors' actions and praise Greek gods. Such a sense of the ancient Greek noun elegos, still active in some uses of the derivative noun “elegy” and the derivative adjective “elegiac” in English ([cross-reference to the relevant chapter in the Handbook]), is clearly attested in the tragedies of Euripides (Aloni ).

THE GOOD HUMOR MAN: A CLASSICIST AT HALLMARK classics, by introducing him to ancient Greek achievements in literature, art, and philosophy. Emmons’ curiosity some choruses in Greek tragedy are beyond the redemptive power of humor: The.

Ancient Roman Theatre Ancient Roman mosaic of actors and musicians. Evidence of early Roman theater dates back to about B.C. Roman drama was borrowed and adapted from Greece like most of the fine arts were. audience on their left hand and formed a rectangular forma- tion; thus “Tragedy was called so, because the choruses took the form of a tetragon.”7 This statement is clearly intertwined with the idea of the rectangular choruses of Attic drama and wishes to create a counterpoint to the circular “cyclic” chor- uses.8 We must, however, also.

A look at the different uses of choruses in ancient greek drama
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