A research to determine the surface tension of water using different concentrations of sodium chlori

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Surface tension of Nanofluid-type fuels containing suspended nanomaterials

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Surface Tension Abstract: To determine the surface tension of water with different concentrations of sodium chloride, capillary rise was examined. This was done by examining the height a liquid rose in a capillary depending on the concentration.

the surface tension, o, by small amounts (in contrast with I surface-active agents, which may depress the surface tension substantially at very low concentrations). The magnitude of the increase depends upon the charge and size of the ions and on the nature of the solvent.

A graph of surface tension versus log concentration is produced. The CMC is found as the point at which two lines intersect; the baseline of minimal surface tension and the slope where surface tension shows linear decline.

8. 1. At very low concentrations of surfactant only slight change in surface tension is. Apr 18,  · The surface tension of DI water, ethanol and n-decane based nanofluids with addition of MWCNTs, B, Al, and Al 2 O 3 nanoparticles were studied.

The results show that at high particle concentrations, surface tension of the nanofluids increases with increasing particle concentration, as compared to that of the base fluids. the experimental surface tensions for aqueous non-electrolyte solutions [1,2].

For aqueous electrolyte solutions, Rasmussen area [2] of water was adopted in our calculation, i.e.

Aw D cm2=mol (8) As for the surface tension of pure water at different temperatures, the data from a compilation by Vargaftik [16] were used in this work.

Despite the strong adsorption of hydroxide ions, the surface tension of water is almost independent of pH between pH 1 and 13 when the pH .

A research to determine the surface tension of water using different concentrations of sodium chlori
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