An analysis of the exponential function discounting formula

Exponential function

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The Exponential Function

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Using a calculator to determine future value: If you have a calculator that has the exponential function—usually designated by the y x key—then this equation is easy to solve. Add the interest rate in decimal form to 1, then press y x, then enter 3, then press the = key.

Take this product, the interest factor, and multiply it by the for our example, enterthen press y x. Jul 20,  · Both exponential and hyperbolic discount factor functions provide a feasible basis for modeling time preference.

However, hyperbolic values the long-term more than exponential.

Exponential discounting

Exponential growth is a pattern of data that shows greater increases with passing time, creating the curve of an exponential function. On a chart, this curve starts out slowly, remaining nearly flat for a time before increasing swiftly as to appear almost vertical.

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Using subjects familiar with the exponential function discounting formula, this study finds that individuals undervalue the compound interest discounting formula given by the exponential function and overvalue the simple interest discounting formula given by .

An analysis of the exponential function discounting formula
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Hyperbolic and exponential discounting