An analysis of the statuette of nedjemu

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An analysis of the statuette of nedjemu

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). As Nedjemu probably understood it, the figure doesn't represent him as a walking man. Rather this statue was intended as a substitute repository for the spirit or "ka" of Nedjemu, should Nedjemu's mummified remains have been damaged in any way.


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HEALTH AND MEDICINE IN ANCIENT EGYPT: MAGIC AND SCIENCE Origin of the word and analysis formula. Statuette of Nedjemu The artist who created the Statuette of Nedjemu is unknown.

The artist was from the Old Kingdom, Dynasty V, approximately BC. Although entitled the Statuette of Nedjemu, the figure portrayed may not actually be Nedjemu. At present, the work is in good condition.

An analysis of the statuette of nedjemu
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