An introduction to the arthur hendersons period as foreign secretary

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A-S britain 1900-24 explanation revision AS

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Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (United Kingdom)

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Jun 14,  · William Arthur (February 3, – March 21, ) was a Wesleyan Methodist minister and author. Biography Born at Newport, in the county Mayo, eight miles from Castlebar, Arthur was educated at Horton College, and at the age of twenty was sent to Goobbee, in Southern India, where he was engaged for several years in missionary work in the Mysore.

§The Secretary of State for Air (Mr. Arthur Henderson) I beg to move, "That Mr. Speaker do now leave the Chair." The Air Estimates for –52 are for a net total of £¾ million.

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In episode of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo will finish his coverage of the fall season of Superfriends.


First, the Superfriends will go on a fantastic voyage because Aquaman has been devolved into a sea monster. Arthur Henderson (), a leader of the British Labour Party, who rallied the party to support World War I and became a government minister.

He later served as Home Secretary in the first Labour government () and Foreign Secretary in the second Labour government ().

An introduction to the arthur hendersons period as foreign secretary
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