An opinion that the flapper is a misleading symbol of american women in the 1920s

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What jobs did women have in the 1920s?

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Cult of Domesticity

Study Questions for Zeitz, Flapper. 1. technological, economic, demographic – contributed to a “new dawn of freedom” for young women in the s?

(3) 6. Why, for some young women (in both religion and culture) related to the increase of choice and diversity in American culture during the s? How were the “culture wars” of. guiding the behavior of women. The new woman demanded the right to vote and to work outside the home.

"I had no idea of originating an American flapper when I first began to write. I simply took girls whom I knew very but this image is misleading.

Fitzgerald's female characters are not trivial, immature, dumb beauties; instead. The flapper symbolized the new "liberated" woman of the s. Many people saw the bold, boyish look and shocking behavior of flappers as a sign of changing morals.

Though hardly typical of American women, the flapper image reinforced the idea that women now had more freedom.

An opinion that the flapper is a misleading symbol of american women in the 1920s
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What did the flappers of the 's represent