An overview of the effects of the boom in computer technology in the modern age

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Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation

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Quick Technical Overview: What we think we know about UFOs

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World Population Awareness

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Certainly the definition of "modern technology" is subject to broad interpretation. But without question, the understanding and implementation of semiconductor technology was a critical step in transitioning from the industrial age to the "modern" age.

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Heflin, Santa Ana, California USA photo depicts a flat-top "straw hat" saucer - magnified photo #1, all 4 photos @ rr0 (french).To the general public, it is perhaps the best known shape of what a UFO may look like, as it was included in encyclopedia Britannica's yearbook, classified under "spacecraft".

(ed note: this is a commentary about the computer game Children of a Dead Earth). I see a lot of misconceptions about space in general, and space warfare in specific, so today I’ll go ahead and debunk some.

AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Complete An overview of the effects of the boom in computer technology in the modern age
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