Are the elderly more of a burden or blessing

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The elderly ... a blessing or a burden? It's time we had a long, hard think

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The Blessing of Teaching the Children

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Prayers: Prayer For Renewed Strength. O Lord, my God, Please give me the grace to maintain my hope in you. through all of life’s changes.

Abraham's Blessing

As my mother got older, there were many little warning signs to tell us that she needed more help: Here are the red flags to look for. Honor elderly as blessings. Rather than looking upon the growing numbers of older persons as a burden, Pope Benedict — like his predecessor, Blessed John Paul II — has called them a blessing for society.

Accidental Falls.

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Not unsurprising, patients who require dialysis have been reported to have a higher burden of other geriatric syndromes. They experience more accidental falls than would be expected in age-matched populations (15–17) and have an overall lower level of independent functioning (18–20) and increased burden of cognitive.

There is not one specific treatment for sundowners in elderly patients. Light therapy and soft music have been useful to some caregivers.

Are the elderly more of a burden or blessing
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The elderly are a blessing, not a burden - Intermountain Catholic