Character analysis on the cartoons the rugrats

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10 Bizarre Kiddie Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

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According to the Canadian Medical Association, each Winnie the Pooh character symbolizes a certain mental disorder. The following is a list of mental disorders that each character supposedly has. Surprisingly, the theory actually fits to each of the characters very well. The cartoons title is ‘Elliot Kid’.

Nice Character, Mean Actor

This kid has a disorder that he imagines some events eg. castle, future, pirate, wizard ect. but this imaginary problem effects the people around him such as the principal being evil and thinks theres a giant bunny on the loose which is his sister in a rabbit costume. For a list of guests, performers, and attending professionals ordered by confirmation date, please click here.

>> Back to Top. Cartoons are an ingrained part of our culture. We grew up on cartoons, and the lessons found therein.

Cartoons have exponentially changed over the past 30 years in that they have morphed into. Rugrats Dead Baby Theory We all know Angelica is a little nutty, but the Rugrats theory takes it to a whole new level.

Get this — “The Rugrats really were a figment of Angelica’s imagination. D. Brett Dalton Brett Dalton is an actor who is best known for playing Grant Ward and Hive in ABC's series Agents of's other television credits include Blue Bloods, Army Wives, Nurses, and National Geographic Channel's Killing Lincoln.

In addition, Dalton voiced the character Mike in the game Until Dawn. Kathleen O'Shea David.

Character analysis on the cartoons the rugrats
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