Death of the virgin caravaggio

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The Death of the Virgin

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The Death of the Virgin, 1603 by Caravaggio

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Death of the Virgin (Caravaggio)

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Caravaggio's Roman altarpiece, Death of the Virgin, in the Louvre, is often considered shockingly realistic and radically secular in content. Pamela Askew reveals its imagery to be as rich in metaphor and 5/5(1).


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The Death of the Virgin. (). The picture was painted for the church Santa Maria della Scala in Trastevere in Rome. As many painting of Caravaggio it was refused by the church and was taken down to be preserved in the gallery of the duke of Mantoue.

Later inafter completing his work in the Cerasi Chapel, Caravaggio was commissioned by the wealthy criminal lawyer and papal legal adviser Laerzio Cherubini (), to produce a painting on the death of the Virgin for the altar of his family chapel in.

The Death of the Virgin is a common subject in Christian art, depicting the death of the Virgin Mary. Examples with articles are: Death of the Virgin (Caravaggio), painting by Caravaggio Death of the Virgin (Mantegna), painting by Andrea Mantegna Death of the Virgin (van der Goes), Hugo van der Goes painting The Death of the Virgin is a.

The Death of the Virgin () is a painting completed by the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio. It is a near contemporary with the Madonna with Saint Anne now at the Galleria Borghese.

Caravaggio, Death of the Virgin

It was commissioned by Laerzio Alberti, a papal lawyer, for his chapel in the Carmelite church of Santa Maria della Scala in Trastevere, Rome.

Death of the virgin caravaggio
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