Discuss the relationship between stephen and keith in chapter 6 of spies by michael frayn

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Spies by Michael Frayn

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They entertain themselves with war games and presentations about the more lives of family and neighbours, one day every that Keith's confusing, glamorous mother is in fact a Problem spy. Sep 05,  · Frayn presents the relationship via the first person perspective of Stephen.

It is largely Stephen’s interior monologue that presents the relationship to the reader but Stephen also reports his and Keith’s dialogue to the reader. "Spies" Stephen & Keith Presentation How Frayn Portrays Stephen & Keith and Their Relationship Frayn manages to represent this relationship in numerous ways that give different meanings depending upon what the context is.

Frayn demonstrates the relationship via the first person perspective of Stephen. Spies is a novel written by Michael Frayn, based in the ’s, that is an interesting insight into living in the times of World War 2. The narrator, Stephen, goes back to his home town and reminisces about the adventures he and his best friend Stephen went on/5.

Stephen sees Keith coming home from school, but he is unable to say anything to him, and Keith looks at Stephen with contempt. While Stephen has complicated new relationships with Keith’s mother and Barbara, it seems that Keith himself has cut him off.

Spies is not as sophisticated and ambitious as Frayn's last novel, Headlong, but it is never less than witty, ingenious, and a pleasure to read." - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian " Spies is as much a work of suspense as it is of saddened reflection.

Spies by Michael Frayn it is the discovery of concealed connections between events in a narrative. Michael Frayn's Spies is a novel with a carefully engineered plot, and a story whose two main.

Discuss the relationship between stephen and keith in chapter 6 of spies by michael frayn
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