Hunger games and the uglies compare contrast

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Triumph, how much is gained when this interior verbal is taken away!. Oct 11,  · Uglies and Hunger Games are really similar.

year old girl living in a futuristic society, with strict rules. Best friend is a guy (well, to begin with), yet "torn between two lovers". She goes back and forth between cities and the wild (find of). She has to face many hard decisions, and starts a rebellion. On the contrary, the Hunger Games book contains the original content and ideas, however, the Hunger Games movie contains slightly different content and does not represent the same intentions.

In other words, the Hunger Games book had no modifications made to it because it has the original material.

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Comparison of Uglies and the Hunger Games Humankind has thought up of many different ways our future could be like - Comparison of Uglies and the Hunger Games introduction.

Some imagine robots and flying cars, while others think of. Oct 25,  · They're both very popular and highly acclaimed; "Uglies" is on High School reading lists and "Hunger Games" is getting a movie!

Hunger Games and the Uglies Compare/Contrast

We have plenty of people in the targeted audience, and plenty of people outside of it who read such books anyways (such as myself). It boggles the mind, it does.

Mar 22,  · Now, I'm sure there will be quite a few Hunger Games-related link-ups today, but mine has a twist. I want to compare Suzanne Collins' series with another young adult dystopian series I've read and enjoyed: Uglies, by Scott Semi-Charmed Kind of Life.

First, obviously, is Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy – this has been so popular recently that it would be hard not to compare the two. The second is a series that is a few years older, but was still quite enjoyable – Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies trilogy.

Hunger games and the uglies compare contrast
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