Leadership in the field of nursing

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The Top Five Issues for Nursing in 2015

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Insights Blog. Improving practice to reduce falls in the nursing home. Falls, typical incidents among older adults in the nursing home, are associated with debility, functional impairment, and mortality. Master of Science in Nursing Leadership Nursing Leadership Offered through Distance Education with On-Site Requirements Program Overview The Master of Science Program in Nursing Leadership prepares nurses as leaders to assume leadership positions across all levels of nursing and health care continuum.

This. Nursing Informatics, CE Courses, Nursing CEU courses, Nursing Informatics courses, Nursing Informatics articles, lessons, books, tutorials, discussions by June Kaminski. Jeanine Frumenti, DNP, MPA, RN, CLNC, has seen the upsides of positive, uplifting leadership in action, and shares her thoughts on what makes a good nurse leader.

Growing Nurse Leaders: Their Perspectives on Nursing Leadership and Today’s Practice Environment

Through almost four decades in healthcare, she worked her way from a bedside nurse to a nursing leader at several hospitals in and around New York and New Jersey.

GCU’s Master of Science in Nursing with Emphasis in Leadership in Health Care Systems program prepares registered nurses to advance into a management role. LECTURE NOTES For Nursing Students Nursing Leadership and Management Amsale Cherie Ato Berhane Gebrekidan Addis Ababa University In collaboration with the Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative, The Carter Center.

Leadership in the field of nursing
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Leadership Qualities of Nursing