Linebacker i and linebacker ii on the outcome of the war

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Operation Linebacker II

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508 – The Vietnam War – Operation Linebacker I

The main intent of Linebacker II was to take the war to the major cities and complexes in North Vietnam. The operation differed from previous air offensives in that it provided for continuous around-the-clock air attacks against the North Vietnamese homeland.

Operation Linebacker II was a US Seventh Air Force and US Navy Task Force 77 aerial bombing campaign, conducted against targets in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) during the final period of US involvement in the Vietnam War.

Two days later on December 18, he ordered the initiation of Operation Linebacker II – a day aerial operation widely known as “The Christmas Bombing” to fulfill two major purposes: first, to force North Vietnam back to the negotiations; second, to prove to Thieu that the.

Secretary of Defense, statistical war: based on numbers, things look good but poor counting Tet Offensive a massive surprise attack by the Vietcong on South Vietnamese towns and cities in early during Tet, the Buddhist holiday. Back in episode we took a look a Operation Linebacker II of the Vietnam War and it’s effect on the Paris peace talks.

It was preceded by Operation Linebacker I and since the interest in Linebacker II was so high it was decided to check out Linebacker I. Linebacker II taught the USAF planners about the effectiveness of the manned bomber force in case of a nuclear war. Secondly, the application of Bs in Linebacker II reassured and validated the fundamental design features for future strategic bombers, such as the B

Linebacker i and linebacker ii on the outcome of the war
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