The absolute rule of gaius julius caesar

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Julius Caesar Biography

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6b. Julius Caesar

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Gaius Caesar

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Julius Caesar

A Quick Summary on the Life and Times of Julius Ceasar. Caesar's Role in the Collapse of the Roman Republic. Gaius Julius Caesar ( BC – 44 BC) was a Roman general and politician who is one of the most renowned figures of ancient Rome. He is considered one of the greatest military commanders in history with victories in numerous campaigns, most prominently his conquest of Gaul.

After the assassination of Julius Caesar there was a civil war between his supporters and his opponents. Caesar's adoptive son, Augustus, emerged victorious and became the f irst emperor. JulyBCE: Gaius Julius Caesar was born into patrician family that had allied itself politically with the plebian politicians.

Julius was not his first name; it was the name of family, Caesar. Gaius Julius Caesar ( B.C.E.) This impressively written and designed website is all about the man who came, saw, and conquered: Gaius Julius Caesar.

From his early bouts with epilepsy to his triumphant reelection as Roman dictator in 47 B.C.E., the life and successes of Julius Caesar were anything but dull. Gaius Julius Caesar (/ ("rule of three men"), was cemented by the marriage of Pompey to Caesar's daughter Julia.

Caesar also married again, this time Calpurnia, who was the daughter of another powerful senator. the provinces had been transformed into independent principalities under the absolute control of their governors, Cause of death: Assassination.

The absolute rule of gaius julius caesar
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