The canadian youth hostel association

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Hostelling International – Canada

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Ottawa Jail Hostel offers a unique blend of shared and private jail cells as well as. Staying at a hostel reduces your travel footprint.

At many hotels, stuff like the electricity and water you use results in an estimated 50 kg of greenhouse gas emissions each night you stay. At a hostel, those emissions are more like 5 kg per night. Following the launch of youth hostel associations in several European countries between andthe idea spread across the Atlantic Ocean.

Canada was slightly ahead of the United States and the Canadian Youth Hostels Association was founded in [1] (the American Youth Hostels Inc was not formed until [2]). Staying at a hostel reduces your travel footprint.

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At many hotels, stuff like the electricity and water you use results in an estimated 50 kg of greenhouse gas emissions each night you stay. At a hostel, those emissions are more like 5 kg per night.

The canadian youth hostel association
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Canadian Hostelling Association