The causes treatment and ethical issues related to the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd

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Autism spectrum

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Childhood / Teenage Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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The fundamental area of controversy related to ADHD is whether or not this collection of symptoms should be considered a mental disorder. Although there are documented brain differences and significant evidence of impairment in daily functioning in individuals with ADHD, there is a large school of thought that views ADHD "symptoms" as simply an.

It has long been presumed that there is a common cause at the genetic, cognitive, and neural levels for autism's characteristic triad of symptoms. However, there is increasing suspicion that autism is instead a complex disorder whose core aspects have distinct causes that often co-occur.

Learn the symptoms, causes, and the most effective treatments to treat attention deficit disorder today.

ADHD and Behavior Disorders in Children

A complete guide to childhood ADHD and ADD, which also covers teens.

The causes treatment and ethical issues related to the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd
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