The difference between average and excellence

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Assistance to Turning mistakes into improvements vs richness to fail and tendency to give and complain 7. I have one question, though: What’s the difference between excellence and perfection? I’m trying to figure that out as I try to move away from expecting perfection, but still having an understanding of excellence.

Sincerely, An Inquiring Mom. Dear Inquiring Mom. For more recent articles on process improvement and operational excellence, check our latest articles.

PEX Network takes time out to outline the fundamentals of the Lean, Six Sigma and BPM disciplines. excellence | mediocrity | As nouns the difference between excellence and mediocrity is that excellence is the quality of being excellent; state of possessing good qualities in an eminent degree; exalted merit; superiority in virtue while mediocrity is the quality of being intermediate between two extremes; a mean.

Episode 453: 15 Minutes – The Difference Between Average and Excellence

The Difference Between Realizing Average Performance and Achieving Excellence October 24, / in ERP, Lean, SBS / by Michele Discrete manufacturers face constant pressure to deliver a quality product on time, every time.

The pursuit of excellence is never a matter of simply choosing between what is good or bad, but of choosing what is best or superior because it will better enable us to accomplish what God has designed us to be and do (cf.

Phil. with Eph. ). Photo of Pearl Zadeh, DDS - "Details selection of dental lab/tech is the difference between average and excellence" - Woodland Hills, CA.

Difference Between Excellence and Perfection The difference between average and excellence
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Episode 15 Minutes – The Difference Between Average and Excellence