The expansion of rome during the 200s and 100s bc

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Campaign history of the Roman military

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Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire (800 BCE – 300 CE)

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Roman Republic

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2nd century BC

The first Latin poet to write on a Roman theme was Gnaeus Naevius during the s BC. He composed an epic poem about the first Punic War, in which he had fought.

1st millennium BC

Naevius's dramas were mainly reworkings of Greek originals, but he also created tragedies based on Roman myths and history. The main issues facing Rome during the time of Julius Caesar were: 1) Veteran resettlement In the leadup to Julius Caesar's life changes were made to Rome's military referred to as the Marian.

The expansion of Rome During the 6th century bce, Rome became one of the more-important states in Latium —owing to the achievements of its Etruscan overlords—but Tibur (Tivoli), Praeneste, and Tusculum were equally important Latin states.

The Jugurthine War of – BC was fought between Rome and Jugurtha of Numidia and constituted the final Roman pacification of Northern Africa, after which Rome largely ceased expansion on the continent after reaching natural barriers of desert and mountain.

a series of wars between Rome and Carthage in the s and s BC. Julius Caesar. Internal peace allowed for expansion, flourishing trade, and time for education; time of a golden age French eventually win, and they gain power for their monarch. During the war, the concept of knights die out and are replaced with the long bow and.

200s BC topics

During this -- the early Republican -- period, Rome made and broke strategic treaties with neighboring groups in order to help her conquer other city-states. In the end, after revising her battle tactics, weapons, and legions, Rome emerged as the undisputed leader of Italy.

The expansion of rome during the 200s and 100s bc
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The Roman Empire centuries in 19 maps