The importance of the issue of discrimination against women of afghanistan

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Najla Ayubi is a Program Director for Law, Human Rights, and Women’s Empowerment with The Asia Foundation in Afghanistan and is a former judge and a former commissioner with the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan.

She can be reached at [email protected] The History of the Role of Women in Afghanistan. The role of women in Afghanistan has always been something controversial and frequently debated. After the establishment as an independent nation inAfghanistan was under the rule of King Amanullah’s monarchy.

Women’s Biggest Problems in Afghanistan

The king opposed against the discrimination between men and women and. Commission for the Elimination of Violence Against Women under the auspices of the Minister of Women’s Affairs.

Our National Policies and Initiatives Afghanistan has adopted several policies and initiatives for the furthering of human rights.

Discrimination Against Women in Afghan Society

If we look at a country like Afghanistan, we find women in a pitiful condition. That is because of the inequality that exists in their extant culture. While the situation is not as horrific in other cultures, there is still this kind of intangible bases of discrimination present in many others.

Women’s Biggest Problems in Afghanistan

Acting without a vote, the Commission adopted a resolution on discrimination against women and girls in Afghanistan by whose terms of the Economic and Social Council would strongly condemn the.

Sep 03,  · In short, Taliban displayed the worst kind of discrimination of women through their extremist religious ideology and obsolete tribal values.

The same kind of discrimination against women is still found in Afghanistan though there have been claims of improvements.

The importance of the issue of discrimination against women of afghanistan
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