The importance of the water molecule to life on earth

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Why Water Is Important to Life

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Chemists claim to have solved riddle of how life began on Earth

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Jun 25,  · We know how important water is to human life and also, because of agriculture, how important it is to plant life.

But what about the earth in general? How important is water to the ecological balance of the earth? What role does it play and what would happen if we were to lose it or it didn't exist? (which represents water molecule Reviews: Water, Water, Everywhere Water is everywhere on Earth.

About seventy percent of the surface of the Earth is covered by water. If you were an alien visiting the planet, you would see a giant blue sphere from space (especially on the Pacific Ocean side). Now that we have inferred a realistic definition of life, things will go easier. My definition of life is based on careful observations about the behavior of the state of equilibrium in biosystems.

Hydrogen bonds: why life needs water. By S.E. Gould on August 2, The above diagram shows a water molecule, H2O. This is why life on earth is water based rather than, say, hydrogen sulfide.

Because water is a bent, partially polar molecule, it possesses the following biologically important characteristics of what is formed by the joining of many water molecules—all of them are critical to the creation and support of life on Earth.


Water Structure and Science

Instincts and appetites form a part of all life on earth. Sense impulses and biological urges are common to animal and man alike.

The importance of the water molecule to life on earth
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