The increase in the accidents involving single engine aircraft in the 1970s and 1980s

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List of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft

Most of the accidents (57 of 75) involved single-engine aircraft. Accidents to rotary wing aircraft, gliders and sport aviation aircraft were excluded.

Type of operation.


Between andthe NTSB investigated the outcome of twin-engine crashes and concluded that in the event of an engine failure that resulted in a crash, the likelihood of it being fatal was four times greater than a crash in a single.

Lists of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft References [ edit ] ^ Pocock, Chris, "50 Years of the U The Complete Illustrated History of the 'Dragon Lady' ", Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., Atglen, Pennsylvania, Library of Congress card numberISBN.

Number Of Fatal Accidents (Civil Aircraft with 19 or More Passengers) Source: Number Of Fatalties (Civil Aircraft with 19 or More Passengers).


This article is a list of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft and is grouped by the years in which the accidents and incidents occurred.

The X was a single-engine rocket that was to be carried aloft and launched from an Orbital Sciences L aircraft. On June 29,the prototype test version of the X made its first captive-carry flight attached to the belly of its newly modified L carrier aircraft.

The increase in the accidents involving single engine aircraft in the 1970s and 1980s
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Accident statistics