The labor issues facing the continental airlines since 1994

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United Airlines

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Pilots picketed in New York City in during contentious contract negotiations after United and Continental Airlines merged. Now they're reporting a pattern of “threats, intimidation, and outright bullying” against those who raise safety considerations that conflict with on-time performance or the flight schedule.

UNIONS AND WAGES IN THE US AIRLINE INDUSTRY BARRY HIRSCH TRINITY UNIVERSITY, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Labor costs are important in airlines, traditionally being the largest cost.

Southwest and, more recently, Continental, labor relations in much of the US airline industry has been highly. Gordon Bethune is a character. He’s also one of the most accomplished American business leaders of the past few decades. Now retired, Bethune is credited with resurrecting Continental Airlines, the flagging carrier he led from to that has since been acquired by United Airlines.

The labor issues facing the continental airlines since 1994
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30 Years Ago: People Express Merged Into Continental Airlines | Airways Magazine