The life and career of jeffrey bezos

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Jeff Bezos Bio

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Jeff Bezos

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Early Life. Jeffrey Preston “Jeff” Bezos” (pronounced BAY-zoes) was born on January 12,in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His biological father, Ted Jorgenson, was one of Albuquerque’s top unicyclists and part of a local troupe the Unicycle Wranglers who put on performance at county fairs and circuses while Jeff was still a baby.

Talent, connections, and money can help you get where you want to go in life--but those things alone won't do it.

Jeff Bezos

You also need to work hard to be truly successful. Jeff Bezos’s Early Life, Childhood, and Education. Talking about the early life, Jeff Bezos was born to a teenage mother on 12 January He spent his childhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

His birth name is Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen. He is the son of Jacklyn and Ted Jorgensen. His parents divorced when he was four years old. Ted S. Warren/AP Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' annual shareholder letter is out.

He goes over various parts of the business in the letter. For the most part it's stuff we've heard, but there are some. A CEO has different tasks in different cycles. Some CEOs are founders and builders. Others have the luxury of managing momentum through a stable economy or a period when business models aren’t.

The life and career of jeffrey bezos
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