The power and passion of women in writing

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Passion Play

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Why Passion Matters, According To 15 Of The World's Most Inspiring People

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In brief, a grace or ornament or added power of language, not its constitutive form That metaphor is the omnipresent principle of language can be shown by mere observation. We cannot get through three sentences of ordinary fluid discourse without it.

Apr 02,  · Ultimately, passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live better lives.

Victorian Women in Literature

I'm also passionate about quotes, and the power of quotes to inspire people. For beginning writers, power words are one of the easiest tools to master. Unlike many storytelling strategies which can take years of practice to master, you can start sprinkling power words into your writing, and you’ll notice an immediate lift in the quality of your prose.

"A consuming passion is the last thing you think about before you go to bed at night and the first thing you think about when you wake up," says Brian Schwartz, author of the award-winning

The power and passion of women in writing
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