The real definition of love

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The true meaning of love, as defined in the Bible, has been corrupted in the common usage of our English language and society. Most often, love is confused with infatuation - that elated, "high" feeling we get when we "fall in love.".

In Christianity the practical definition of love is summarised by St. Thomas Aquinas, who defined love as "to will the good of another," or to desire for another to succeed.

This is an explanation of the Christian need to love others, including their enemies.

What Is The Meaning Of Love

"Love means never having to say you're sorry," or so the famous line from the movie Love Story goes. But when asked to define what true love is, even the experts have to pause and think. But when asked to define what true love is, even the experts have to pause and think.

Cultural differences in conceptualizing love thus doubly impede the establishment of a universal definition. Although the nature or essence of love is a subject of frequent debate, different aspects of the word can be clarified by determining what isn't love (antonyms of "love").

Real definition, true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent: the real reason for an act. See more. Politicians Only Love Journalists When They're Dead.

Luke O’Neil. January 8, Real estate is first recorded s and retains the oldest English sense of the word. Nov 20,  · As Phipps explains during his interview on"SuperSoul Sunday," there are two definitions for real, genuine love: Wintley Phipps Love What Is Love Definition Of Sum Up The Meaning Of True Love.

The real definition of love
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What is the meaning of true love?