The rebellions of upper and lower

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Rebellions of 1837–38

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Rebellions of 1837

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The rebellion itself failed, yet its very failure helped pave the way for more moderate and careful political change in British North America, including the union of Upper and Lower Canada, and the eventual arrival of responsible government. Lower Canada Louis-Joseph Papineau did not want an armed rebellion against the British.

The French were uneasy about their position in Upper Canada due to British immigrants flooding the colony, slowly outnumbered them and had feared assimilation as well.

The rebellions in Lower Canada were far more violent than in Upper Canada as all. The rebellions of – Political unrest developed in both Upper and Lower Canada soon after the War of Some of the causes were similar, rooted in the governing structure imposed by the constitution, while other causes developed from each colony’s particular character.

Rebellions of 1837–1838

Mackenzie started his rebellion in a tavern/ bar fight. The Upper Canada Rebellion also ended quite unsuccessful. After the rebellions, Both Papineau and McKenzie fled to the United States, leaving their follower rebels to face their punishments. As a result, the rebels would either have a death penalty or be transported to Bermuda/ Australia for 7.

Rebellions ofalso known as Rebellions of –38, rebellions mounted in –38 in each colony of Upper and Lower Canada against the British Crown and the political status quo.

The revolt in Lower Canada was the more serious and violent of the two.

The Rebellions Of Upper And Lower Canada

The rebellion of the Patriotes Canadiens of Lower Canada, taken along with the Upper Canadian Rebellion, is often seen as the example of what might have happened to the United States of America if the American Revolutionary War had failed.

The rebellions of upper and lower
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