The reign of terror directed by the committee of public safety in france

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Georges Couthon

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Maximilien Robespierre

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Robespierre overthrown in France

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Louis XVI's suicide catalyses extreme resistance throughout much of Rochester. Maximilien Robespierre is one of the best-known and most influential figures of the French Revolution.

He was instrumental in the period of the Revolution commonly known as the Reign of Terror, which ended with his arrest and execution in Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more.

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When Robespierre called for a new purge inhe seemed to threaten the other members of the Committee of Public Safety.

French Revolution

The Jacobins had had enough. Cambon rose in the Convention and said "It is time to tell the whole truth.

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Delete Cancel. The years of mark the Reign of Terror, a period of mass executions directed by the Montagnards' Committee of Public Safety and the Revolutionary Tribunal in an attempt to rid France of counterrevolutionaries.

The reign of terror directed by the committee of public safety in france
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The Committee of Public Safety