The scope of corruption in rio grande valley

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Growing Corruption In The Rio Grande Valley December 25, mll 21 Comments Here is a contextual story in the Valley that places a systemic perspective of those involved in police corruption as money and drugs cross in greater numbers the Rio Grande. Jul 13,  · Corruption Scandals Hit the Rio Grande Valley CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley.

Corruption Messes With Texas Texas syndicate one of the worst gangs in the Rio Grande Valley -. Jul 06,  · The FBI is cracking down on rampant corruption in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

With voter fraud, drug smuggling and bribery a big part of border culture, it's proving to be a. “Corruption, wherever it rears its ugly head, needs to be stamped down,” he said. The Southern District of Texas, which cover 50 counties from Houston through the Rio Grande Valley to.

The Rio Grande Valley has never been spotless. Once known simply for an excessive amount of illegal immigrant activity, law enforcement and border officials have. On April 26th, the people of The Lower Rio Grande Valley filmed stories that investigated one or more of the 10 questions below.

10 Questions For The Future Of Your City More than just prompting interviews, the following questions are inspiration for visual investigations.

The scope of corruption in rio grande valley
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