The use of excessive police force in the united states

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Resisting Arrest When Police Use Excessive Force

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Police brutality

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saw intense protests against excessive police force and heightened tensions between police and communities across the United States, and debate raged over how the use of police force can be. Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken held a press conference Friday regarding the investigation of a white officer using excessive force on a Native American man during a trespassing call last year.

The Effect of Police Officer Confidence on Officer Injuries and Excessive Force Complaints. Steven D. Ashley, M.S., M.L.S., MFCI, ARM. As a result of recent high-profile shootings of unarmed African-American civilians by police, the long simmering problem of excessive police force in the United States has sparked a national debate on policing, race, and community relations.

Duluth Police Chief Releases Details of Use of Force Incident

As has been the case on repeated occasions in our nation. In this study, excessive force was defined as a violation of a police department's use-of-force policy by an incumbent officer that was serious enough to warrant a referral to the police psychologist.

Such excessive force by police is particularly disturbing given its disproportionate impact on people of color. CLRP envisions and fights for a country where law enforcement treats all communities with dignity, employs restraint on police power, and uses only the degree of force necessary to maintain the community’s safety.

Police brutality The use of excessive police force in the united states
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