The use of women to add the sense of sexiness and softness in the lives of men

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Men With a Mother Complex

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Skinny Husbands, Fat Wives

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American Woman

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Get advice from the experts at Cosmo about sex, love, relationships, dating, how to meet men, and what guys want. Unconscious men either idealize or demonize women. If the man with a mother complex idealizes his woman, she feels suffocated and realizes he is not in an intimate relationship with.

There’s the base layer of truth: men do want sex when they’re pushy for it. Then there’s the deeper level of truth: that men actually want a woman’s openness and feminine energy more than sex.

The Truth: What Men Are Looking for When They Push You for Sex

The men who don’t see this level of truth won’t agree to this. Because they can’t see it yet.

Stop Missing Dating Opportunities

A generation trapped in the quicksand of crazy-making advice: "Women, be strong and independent, but for God's sake, don't scare men away! Men, be sensitive, but if you’re not an alpha male, you. And what about having sex with a woman? When two women have sex, it is as unique, awkward, and liberating as any other kind of sex.

Sex between two women is valid, strange, and beautiful. Rather than denying or suppressing their differences, Gray argues, men and women must acknowledge their masculine and feminine essences and learn to understand, tolerate and value the characteristics of the opposite sex. Men must learn to listen sympathetically ("make reassuring responses like 'hmm,' 'uh-huh,' or 'tell me more,'") while women must learn to give men space.

The use of women to add the sense of sexiness and softness in the lives of men
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