Write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge outbreak

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Ebonyi Battles Lassa Fever

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Lassa, named for the town in Nigeria where it was first discovered inis a hemorrhagic fever, like Ebola. Some people who get infected have few or no symptoms.

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The Humanion Online Daily Universana from the United Kingdom for the World: Support UK Finn-Guild Bridging Finland and the United Kingdom Including during the Ebola outbreak, which remains a concern in the region. protect the victims and witnesses and prevent from this scourge.

Plague Writing in Early Modern England

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Lassa Fever Deaths Climbing

Nicolas) Fedor Apsa (Uzgorod) Hristo. Health experts stress the need for public enlightenment campaign on the menace of lassa fever following the report of an outbreak in Benue and Plateau States.

Write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge outbreak
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